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Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

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When it comes to commercial refrigeration repair, Central Refrigeration is the most reputable. Commercial Fridge repair is our specialty; let us get yours back to full operating capacity.

Neglecting issues with your refrigeration system can lead to costly downtime and potential loss of inventory. It’s vital to address any faults promptly to ensure your business operations run smoothly.

Repairs are unavoidable in the life cycle of a commercial refrigeration system. From fixing leaks and replacing faulty components to ensuring proper maintenance, every step is vital in restoring the functionality of your equipment. Regular maintenance can also help prevent breakdowns and extend the lifespan of your refrigeration unit.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance, Service & Repairs

Be assured of reputable & affordable commercial fridge repair and maintenance services in Western Cape & Gauteng. We offer emergency solutions to keep your stock/ perishables fresh. Highly experienced technicians, 5 Star track record repairing commercial and industrial Cold Rooms, Walk In Fridges, Blast Freezers, Underbars and ice machines in Cape Town. Book Us Now!

Expert Commercial Fridge Technicians

Central Refrigeration has professional technicians specializing in commercial refrigeration including walk in fridge repairs. Our technicians have the expertise and tools necessary to diagnose issues accurately and provide effective solutions. Whether it’s a minor adjustment or a major repair, entrusting the task to experienced professionals ensures that your equipment is restored efficiently.

Maintenance & Swift Repairs

Don’t wait until a breakdown occurs; prioritize regular maintenance and swift repairs for your commercial refrigeration system to keep your business running smoothly without interruptions. Trust in expert technicians to handle all aspects of fixing, repairs, and maintenance, safeguarding the efficiency and reliability of your valuable equipment.

From major repairs to minor adjustments, we’ve got you covered.

Compressor Replacement

Over time, compressors may wear out or encounter mechanical issues, leading to decreased cooling efficiency or even complete failure. Factually, your compressor and refrigerant should last about 12-15 years. Once a compressor is broken, there will be need for a skilled technician to replace it. It’s vital to note that compressor replacement should ideally be performed by qualified technicians or professionals with experience in refrigeration systems to ensure safety.

Commercial Refrigeration

We service all brands and types of commercial refrigeration, including:

Common Commercial fridge repair problems

When it comes to commercial fridges in Cape Town, it’s not uncommon to encounter various problems that can disrupt the smooth functioning of your appliance. These issues can significantly impact the performance and lifespan of your fridge, making it crucial to address them promptly.

Temperature Inconsistency

One of the most frequent problems that commercial fridges in Cape Town experience is temperature inconsistency. This issue can lead to food spoilage, affecting the freshness and safety of your stored items. Our experienced technicians can accurately diagnose the root cause of temperature fluctuations and perform the necessary repairs to restore the ideal cooling conditions of your freezer.


Another common issue faced by commercial freezer owners in Cape Town is leaking. If you notice water pooling around or inside your freezer, it’s essential to have it resolved quickly. Leaks can stem from damaged or clogged drain tubes, faulty water inlet valves, or other components. Our knowledgeable team specializes in identifying and fixing these leaks, ensuring your commercial fridge operates efficiently without any water-related issues.

Strange Noises

If your fridge has started producing unusual noises such as buzzing, rattling, or grinding, it’s a sign that something is amiss. These noises can indicate problems with the compressor, condenser fan, evaporator fan, or other internal parts. Our skilled technicians possess the expertise to diagnose these unusual sounds and implement the necessary repairs to eliminate them, restoring your fridge’s quiet operation.


  • Excessive frost in freezers
  • Inadequate cooling
  • Leaks
  • Unnecessary noises
  • Broken door, seals and gaskets


Some common issues that commercial fridges encounter in Cape Town include temperature inconsistency, leaks, strange noises, and other malfunctions. These problems can impact the performance and functionality of your fridge, making it necessary to seek professional repair services.

Our repair experts are the best choice for your appliance repair needs because they have extensive experience and expertise in handling commercial fridges. They are trained to diagnose and fix a wide range of fridge issues efficiently, ensuring that your appliance is back to optimal working condition.

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